Excellent tuition. Kate has been so supportive, informative…an amazing teacher. I was not expecting it to make me see myself and the world so differently, I feel happier. Just do it! It will help and change your life.
T Haskell, June 2018
Fantastic tuition, informative, inspiring, encouraging and comforting. What I have gained from the course is priceless. Do it, simple changes can have an amazing effect on your mental wellbeing. Everyone should do this course and everyone will benefit in some way.
E East, June 2018
Excellent! More informative, factual, relaxed and a great group of people. Don’t hesitate, (the course) has a significant impact on your life and the stressors we all have to cope with. The (stress) scores before and after were amazing, half the stress I had before the course.
S May, June 2018
(the tuition) Great – clear and thorough and good variety! Good value. I have done (mindfulness) previously but liked the pace and structure of this course. I would highly recommend it!
A Williams, June 2018
Great venue. Fantastic, kind tuition.
T Nichols, June 2018
Informative and relaxed environment making it easy to ask questions. Be kind to yourself and do it.
R Leslie, June 2018
Worth it! Best to try it for yourself than to rely on others opinions.
A Partridge, June 2018
(the tuition) Fantastic, supportive, knowledgeable, a good balance of theory, discussion and time to reflect with others. Completely recommend it.
S Dixon, March 2018
Fantastic tuition. Very engaging, insightful and easy to learn. Very interactive and interesting. Don’t hesitate, do it as soon as you can.
C Williams, March 2018
Excellent – mix of theory, practical and group discussion. Well worth the investment. B Platt, March 2018
Very good, thoughtful, supportive. Money well spent for the content, learning and tuition. L Dwyer, March 2018
Excellent, I felt there was a good pace to each session, I liked the balance of theory and practice.
Definitely do it. I think everyone can benefit from learning about mindfulness and meditation. It’s certainly helped me feel less stressed with day to day life. I’m also experiencing more enjoyment from being in the moment.
M O’Brien, March 2018
The course built upon skills week by week in a well thought-out way. The tuition was supportive and understanding and created a ‘safe space’ brilliantly – thank you.
S Redican, March 2018
Great venue. Excellent tuition. Extremely informative and interesting.
L Collins, March 2018
(the tuition was) good, clear, friendly, calm and informative. Just go for it! You have nothing to lose and yourself to gain!
J Conners, March 2018
(the tuition was) excellent. More helpful and enlightening (than expected). Do it!
S Bowdery, March 2018
Very informative, friendly, understanding, supportive, welcoming and inspiring. I’m looking forward to making more progress and improving my life and my interactions with my family – their lives. The course has transformed how I am feeling inwardly and how I am coping day to day. The content helps you to stop, focus and make positive change – I’m so glad I took part.
L Pitts, November 2017
(the tuition) Amazing, calm. It flowed well and aimed at a good level and I liked all the research and evidence to back up the practice. Very good value for the effect it has on life. Do it, its great. It will change your life forever but you need to do the time commitment.
H Bains, November 2017
It really fulfilled my expectations as I feel calmer, happier and confident that I can keep going with my meditation practice. Do it!…it will probably change your life.
M Malyon, November 2017
The tuition was great, very structured and clear, easy to follow. The course was reasonably priced as all course materials were provided and the benefits of learning about mindfulness is priceless. I would highly recommend it as it can change the way you look at things that happen daily in your life and make you calmer and more focused. Give it a go!
C Merritt, November 2017
Brilliant…well structured. Do it now, it will change your life.
S Edwards, November 2017
Excellent, a great balance between reflection, theory, research and practice.
K Marchmont, November 2017
I loved it, you gave clear encouragement and explanations. I liked the change of focus week to week…Definitely do it, try to keep up your practice while you train your brain!
C Chamberlin, November 2017
I have really enjoyed the sessions and particularly liked the theory we have covered. It has always been very interesting and relevant…Do It! Even to increase awareness, it will give you hope and a chance to help yourself.
I Stacey, November 2017
Excellent…a life changing experience!
H Gill, One to One, September 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Definitely give it a go and put as much into it as you can. I can definitely feel the changes.
S Stone, One to One, July 2017
If you’re looking for inner peace, and struggling with depression and a sense of hopelessness, I cannot recommend it highly enough to help you on the path to getting better. I was dedicated to the mindfulness and meditation and believe that full engagement is the reason it’s had such a positive effect on my life. Kate is a truly wonderful teacher and advocate which makes you realise how powerful mindfulness can be – and how learning to live in the moment is key to finding happiness within yourself.
V Vinton, One to One, June 2017

I didn’t know this course would change my life, but it has! I feel like an entirely different person. I’m calmer, more considered, more empathic and exceptionally grateful to Kate for empowering me. Thank you so much. C Meech, Colden Common Course, March 2017
The tuition was excellent. The pace of the course was just right and allowed plenty of time to reflect on the meditation techniques.
T Peters, Shawford Course, March 2017
I found the tuition informative and supportive…I am looking forward to continuing with the practice. Do it, it’s very worthwhile.
J Oram, Shawford Course, March 2017
Excellent. You are very inspiring Kate…this is a life investment’.
H Goddard, Shawford Course, March 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed it…I have got on much better with meditation than I thought I would.
PS, Colden Common Course, March 2017

Thank you for running such a brilliant course on mindfulness. Not only did I learn so much from you but I thoroughly enjoyed it along the way! I’m so grateful to have a new way of looking at life and dealing with things. BM, Colden Common Course, November 2016
I felt the course contained the perfect balance between practical meditation/mindfulness activities and research/background information. Kate is a great teacher and so calm…If you have the time to commit then definitely do it. I have been shocked by the impact it has had in such a short time. The course has opened my eyes to things that I took for granted before. I’m definitely more content and happier in myself. The beginning of an exciting journey – thank you. KJ, Colden Common Course, November 2016
I would thoroughly recommend the course. I have benefitted in ways that I didn’t think was possible.
RB, Colden Common Course, November 2016
The tuition was good and easy to follow…I feel excited to continue and have mindfulness and meditation form part of my life.
HS, Colden Common Course, November 2016
(the tuition) could not have been better… The skills you have taught me are life changing and cherished, thank you.
SR, One to One, October 2016
It’s a bit of a life ‘refresh’…helped me put things in perspective and see life differently. Definitely do it!
JI, One to One, September 2016
If you are after an introduction to the world of Mindfulness and Meditation then this is a very good course to attend. Welcoming, informative and pitched at just the right level.
LW, Winchester Pilates Course, June 2016
I enjoyed the course thoroughly and found your honesty, integrity and insight really inspiring.
MA, Winchester Pilates Course, June 2016

I highly recommend the course and Kate is a very patient and understanding teacher who guides you in useful, bitesize, manageable learning chunks to achieve a strong routine practice.
DC, Winchester Pilates Course, March 2016
I really enjoyed the course and am excited about the changes meditation is already making to my life – thank you so much.
TN, Winchester Pilates Course, March 2016
I feel like I have a number of tools now to help me through tricky situations and to bring life to a more even level.  I feel very encouraged and look forward to being a more mindful person…thank you very much.
OP, Winchester Pilates Course, March 2016
Mindfulness meditation has changed my life!  I am more positive, happier and better at understanding myself and others. Mindfulness meditation is a big part of my life now.
The meditation teacher Kate is such a calm and loving person… Thank you so much for leading me on this beautiful journey.
BB, Wellbeing and Insight course student
Kate’s course helped me to re-assess how I was living my life. It helped me realise I was not investing enough time in myself and letting things like work control my life and how I felt on a daily basis, which was impacting everyone around me. The course gave me the tools I needed to reduce the noise and chaos which followed me about. It has really helped me find peace and a new found skill to appreciate the present moment.
CC, Wellbeing course student
I did this course last year and I would definitely recommend it. Kate is a great teacher and the techniques she introduces are easy to follow. I found them really helpful and have felt the benefits when I put them into practice.
KH, Wellbeing course student
I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the course.  I’ve no previous experience in meditation but found this to be a great introduction. Thank you Kate for your guidance and support.
JG, Wellbeing course student