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Mindfulness and Meditation in Business

More and more businesses are starting to see the benefits of training their work force in mindfulness and meditation practices.

The 8 week Health and Wellbeing course can be tailored to your business and employees so that they receive the maximum benefit.

These practices have been shown to help relieve stress and anxiety and reduce accidents within the work place.  They also improve performance and working relationships. A happier, stress free work force reduces the cost of absenteeism and presenteeism which is estimated to cost UK companies around £1.24 billion per year.

Work related stress depression and anxiety continue to represent a significant ill health condition in the workforce of Great Britain. Work related stress accounts for 35% of work related ill health and 43% of days lost, in 2014/15.
Health & Safety Executive

The course includes a before and after participant questionnaire so that results can be measured.

‘After finding employees taking time off for a number of stress related reasons and a very busy work day, we looked to show the staff an alternative solution for dealing with their anxiety and coping mechanisms.  Thank you Kate for your calm, clear and knowledgeable approach.  The session gave us all an understanding of how to deal with stress and time to reflect on how we can put these skills into practice.  A very rewarding and enlightening exercise.’  Lisa Meredith, Director www.comb Ltd

Please contact me for further information or to book a free taster session.